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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms are classified according to the air purity. The Clean Rooms are classified in 00000, 10000, 1000, 100, 10 to 1 particle per cubic foot and it is known as 100k class (ISO 8), 10K (ISO 7), 1K (ISO 6), 100 (ISO 5), 10 (ISO 4) and 1 (IS0 3) respectively. At SCR Clean Rooms we have highly capacitated technicians and engineers for the complete project fulfilment of cleans rooms type 1k, 10k and 100k.

Implemented Clean Rooms Type

Conventional: This clean room type is also known as restlessly ventilated and its characterize for the way the air supply comes by diffusers or filters installed in the hanging sky.
Unidirectional Flow: Also known as Laminar Flow in which the clean air from the supply goes by a high efficiency filter bank on a unidirectional way through the room. To reach a unidirectional flow the system can be design in the following ways:
  • An air passage: The filtered air comes to the clean room, goes through the louvers or grilles and stops circulating. This system is ideal to replenish the air a 100 percent.
  • Air recirculation: The filtered air comes in to the room and goes through the walls like a pipeline (when they are gypsum the intern part of the wall should be type foil back) and recirculates through a sealed plenum with the help of the fans and filters type HEPA. This typical design or pipeline-plenum. The air comes in to the room and goes through the walls like a pipeline and recirculates through the pipelines directly to the HEPA filters.
Mix Flow: This kind of clean room is ventilated in a conventional way except for the areas where the products it's exposed to contamination; in this case cabins with unidirectional flow are used.

Micro Environment: They are use inside a clean room to guarantee the maximum protection against pollution.


ISO Rule 14644

It's one of the main rules in the pharmaceutical industry, and it's the only technical rule that does a direct reference to the official regulation. It's decisive and it must be used to classify the clean rooms that are used in the pharmaceutical products manufacturing. It has the clean rooms classification tables and the maximum limits of particles allowed, also clear instructions about how to take the measures of the quantity of air particles.

Principal changes of the rules

  • The number of measure points isn´t calculate by square inches of surface anymore.
  • The 5 μm ISO 5 particles are not in the limit values table anymore.
  • The UCL calculations won’t be done. Making an observation in every measure point in the clean room isn’t necessary anymore. Every point is considerate individually and must accomplish the limit value.
  • The particle counter tube length must be less than 1 m.
  • The numeric classification, volume of the tests, measure periods and the cancelation criterion stay without changes in compare with the previous version